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Land and Housing Corporation
Social Housing Developments

NSW Land and Housing Corporation
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2018 - 2022
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The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is the NSW Government’s social housing delivery authority responsible for the management of over $35 billion in land, buildings and assets. It is responsible for supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community and endeavours to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW is a 10-year vision – backed by several Government bodies including Health, Education, Justice, Planning and Environment, Industry, and Family and Community Services  – that prioritises more social housing to reduce homelessness and increase support for those in need, with the ultimate aim of supporting people to transition out of the social housing system.

LAHC is involved in delivering up to 23,000 new and replacement social and affordable housing dwellings under this plan, with a focus on building integrated communities close to transport, education and support services.

Project Overview

LAHC is delivering several high-density multi-unit residential developments under a ‘D&C’ delivery model and the GC21 general conditions of contract whereby Contractors are not only responsible for the design and construction of the projects, but also the planning approvals through local Councils. This approach looks to streamline the process, reduce administration and improve productivity by having one point of responsibility and control.

Our Role

RP Infrastructure (RPI) has been engaged as the Project Manager responsible for the delivery of over 200 one and two-bedroom dwellings across five locations. RPI’s collaborative approach to the delivery of services embraces not only the LAHC’s requirements, but those of the other key stakeholders as well.

In addition to Project Management, RPI is providing Advisory Services to LAHC, in refining their procurement strategy and proforma principal’s project requirement templates for use across their portfolio of projects.

Key Challenge

The implementation of the ‘D&C’ methodology under GC21 for the delivery of the design, planning approval and construction process has been a significant challenge for LAHC, as this approach is vastly different to the methodologies and agreements that they have traditionally used. RP has assisted LAHC with the modification and development of key procurement and administrative documentation, applying our extensive knowledge and understanding of design & construct procurement methods and the GC21 general conditions of contract.