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311-317 Sussex Street
Mixed-Use Development

Guansheng Australia Pty Ltd
  • Accommodation
$55 million
2017 - Present
  • Advisory,
  • Project Management

Guansheng Australia Pty Ltd is a Chinese backed developer that is developing a mixed-use building at 311-317 Sussex Street in the Sydney CBD. The development includes a mix of residential apartments on the upper levels, student accommodation on levels 1 to 12 and the provision of 2 levels of basement car parking.

Project Overview

Prior to engaging Root Partnerships, the Client had tried on two separate occasions to achieve development consent through the City of Sydney, however each of these applications were deemed to have a number of non-compliances which could not be overcome without a wholesale redesign.

Our Role

Given the circumstances surrounding the lack of approval through Council, Root Partnerships are acutely aware that the Client must succeed in their third attempt. As a result, our approach has been to firstly re-assess the feasibility of the current development mix and area schedule in order to understand if there is a significant financial return achieved by the original schemes which exceeded the height restrictions under the Council Development Control Plan, or whether there is an alternative development mix that could “de-risk” the planning approach, but still achieve the required return on investment. This high-level feasibility then set out how the project would be re-briefed to an Architect and Consultant team and will allow the project to proceed with a level of confidence.

The project Development Application was submitted in June 2018 and was subsequently approved by the City of Sydney in December 2018.

Root Partnerships has since been engaged to deliver the project under a design and construct contract methodology.