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Circular Quay Functional Design Brief
City of Sydney

City of Sydney
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Lendlease Development Pty Ltd is planning to redevelop landholdings at 174-182 George Street and 33-35 Pitt Street, Sydney as one of a number of Principal’s Project Requirement Projects being undertaken for the City of Sydney. In December 2015, Lendlease submitted a planning proposal to the City of Sydney seeking to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and ancillary provisions in the Development Control Plan 2012 to permit the development of Lendlease Circular Quay.

Project Overview

RP Infrastructures’ part in the project involved preparation of the functional design brief inclusion in the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between the City of Sydney and Lendlease. The brief describes the scope associated with the public benefit provided by the developer under the VPA which, apart from the proposed tower, includes public open spaces, enhancements to the laneway network, a multi-use community building, a public cycle facility, a business innovation space and public artwork.

Our Role

RP Infrastructure worked closely with the City of Sydney to define the design parameters and functional requirements for each component of the public benefit. This involved a number of consultations with City of Sydney stakeholder groups, as well as visits to existing sites in the Sydney metropolitan area that might act as appropriate benchmarks for scope and quality.

Key Challenge

A significant challenge was to define the requirements for the multi-purpose community building, proposed to be integrated into the George Street plaza, since its uses had not yet been defined. RP Infrastructure took a lead role in the development of this part of the functional design brief and articulated a set of requirements that provided for a highly flexible and adaptable building.