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Announcing Our Group Promotions

As we progress on our integration journey with Ranbury, RP Infrastructure is pleased to recognise the achievements of the more than 50 team members who recently received promotions across the combined business.

RP Infrastructure CEO David Gundy said the promotions are a testament to the united strength of our merged practice across sectors and locations. He added that the depth of expertise within the team is key to the success of our projects and our long-standing relationships with clients.

“Congratulations to each member of our team that has received a promotion through their demonstrated achievement and success in their respective role, reflected in the quality of their work, their collaboration with colleagues and service to our clients,” he said.

“Our people are the core of our business and we’re proud of the knowledge, expertise and value all our teams bring to our clients each and every day.”

Supporting our Executive Leadership Team – which includes National Director of Project Management Brett Magnussen and National Director of Advisory Sam Cook – are our new Executive Directors including internal appointments Scott Kenelly, Chris Crick, Brett Thiele, David Breen, Peter Driml, Tony Carroll and Paul Tracey, as well as new appointee Patries Twaalfhoven.

Across the group our promotions also included 10 new Directors and 9 new Associate Directors.

Congratulations to Directors Melinda O’Brien, Anthony Burrows, Michael O’Dwyer, Sue Ritchie, Edward Brown, Gavin Edwards, Tony Mackenzie, Hilary Neil, Jason Roods and Joseph Osborne.

And Associate Directors Hadyn Douglas, Jared Birch, Claude Marais, Christopher Bassa, Mary Jordan, Carlo Martelli, Mary-Caroline van Paassen, Bapi Bhattacharjee and Jason Simes.

David Gundy said the contribution from the whole team is key to us becoming a leading full-service advisory and project management services firm.

“We’re committed to continuing our investment in all our people. We’re proud that our combined business not only ensures expanded resources for our clients, but it has also ensured increased career opportunities for our team.”