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RP Infrastructure achieves Climate Neutral Accreditation

RP Infrastructure (RPI) recently achieved Climate Neutral accreditation. We’re proud to formally achieve Climate Neutral status, but we recognise that this is one step in RPI’s ongoing journey to address Climate Change.

For over a decade RPI has offset its emissions through the South Pole group.  RPI is currently invested in climate initiatives that are intended to make a difference at the local level: Eco Australia’s biodiversity program supporting the regeneration and preservation of biodiversity-rich land in South Australia in partnership with its Traditional Owners; Xenamnoy Clean HydroPower in Laos which protects the river system while reducing the population’s reliance on firewood for their energy needs; and a Safe Community Water program in Rwanda, because everyone deserves to have clean drinking water. But, along with offsetting emissions, we’re also looking at emissions reduction strategies.

RPI supports many clients with their sustainable development goals with projects including: Monash University’s Woodside Building for Technology and Design which is the largest Passive House certified building in the Southern Hemisphere; Health Infrastructure’s Eurobodalla Regional Hospital, participating as a pilot project for the Connecting with Country framework; and the Melbourne Market Authority’s Solar Canopies project and a Feasibility Study for a Hydrogen Hub.

We are also working with the Victorian School Building Authority to implement Passive House Principles on the Preston South Primary School expansion and we are supporting the implementation of Deakin University’s Sustainable Built Environment principles on a range of projects which are part of the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund program. Among the projects we’re engaged on is the BioFactory, a bioprocess facility supporting the circular economy that will enable the scalable conversion of bioresources to valuable products.

With the UN calling for transition to a circular economy and accountability at all levels we are reminded that every action we take can make a difference.